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Word To Deed To Sound

Inspired by the short stories and poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, Re:EAP make original music that does not fit into any recognized genres. Each song refers either directly or indirectly to the writer’s historic work, and creates a sound world that is strikingly fresh, blending composition and improvisation, acoustic and electric timbres, conventional and unconventional (home made) instruments in order to vividly evoke the themes broached in Poe’s texts. Whether he was dealing with fear and paranoia, the devil that you see in the mirror, the misunderstandings and mysteries of human behaviour or the power of nature and the animal kingdom, Poe produced shrewd insights and had a remarkable eye for detail in his observations. Re:EAP draw on his infinitely rich source material, epitomized by well known works such as Premature Burial and Murders In The Rue Morgue and more obscure tales such as The Spectacles to create something that is similarly multi-layered and spellbinding.

The band was founded by Kevin Le Gendre in spring 2017 and made its live debut at Wilton’s Music Hall in east London in winter of that year as part of a celebration of Poe, and has been working steadily towards its debut album in the past few years. The original bandmembers include internationally renowned classical percussionist Beibei Wang, who has collaborated with the BBC and Toronto Symphony Orchestras, percussionist-tabla player Ansuman Biswas, pianist Colin Thorpe, a major force in black music in Britain over the past four decades, and vocalist Miryam Solomon, a hugely talented artist who has released music to great acclaim in the past few years. In addition to these London-based musicians there is further input provided by stellar Mancunian players such as Matt Nickson (who along with Thorpe was a member of the revered ‘90s group Chapter & The Verse) and Nottingham star Kevin Davy.

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